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My Wedding – Mr and Mrs So

I’ve been absent for a few weeks as I’ve just been really busy preparing for the wedding. Now that its over and me and Sally are back from honeymoon we are still so busy and life has not yet returned to normality for us.

Here is a picture at our wedding from our friend JMAC:
Dave and Sally Wed

It was most definitely the longest day of my life, waking up at 6am and busy busy until the end of the party at 3am.
Everythingl went to plan (Sallys plans) and it all worked out perfectly.

A picture of our honeymoon in the Maldives at sunset:
Maldives Dave and Sally

The Maldives is one of the most boring locations I have been to, perfect then for a honeymoon. Even at full capacity we could only ever spot about 10 people on the beach on our island. The very helpful and friendly staff with the ideallic surroundings and perfect weather combined do make you feel like you are in paradise.

More pictures and the full wedding story will be on my wifes (that still sounds strange) website www.sallyso.com

my chinese wedding 2008

my chinese wedding

its getting closer to the date of my wedding now. me and sally did originally want to get married this year as early as possible but dues to some family issues we are now planning it for 2008. January is early and would be best, but we do want more chances of getting good weather on our big day.

historially january and febuary are pretty wet in the Uk so not really ideal wedding dates. june and july would be warmer, but i don’t really want to wait till then. so we would be looking at march, april or may when the weather should be fair over here. we will be trying to pick an auspicious date, but will only use the almanac dates as a rough guide.

i hope sally will have fun organising it all, she thinks she will be anyway, but of course i will help. i can’t leave the biggest day of my life in the hands of a woman!

anyway if you want to read about my sally’s ideas about our chinese wedding you can always visit her blog.

she also has a section to help you select your auspicious wedding date if you would like to do things by the book and select an auspicious wedding date