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Sell Quickly Rent back Fast – new website

This week I have released a new Real Estate website titled Sell Quickly Rent Back Fast. The site will be an information based site to appeal to UK homeowners wishing to sell their homes quickly and those interested in Rent Back schemes.

Presently there is not much information on the web for people in the UK trying to sell their property quickly or for those intereseted in Rent Back schemes. I aim to make this site a resource for people that wish to know more or are in a situation that requires a quick property sale. They can read more about how sell and rent back schemes work and the potential pitfalls they may face with unscrupulous landlords. Selling ones home is peotentially one of the biggest financial transactions you can make, therefore it is important to seek advice and do much research before entering into any agreements.

The site is powered by wordpress blogging software with a free theme downloaded from the wordpress site. As you can see the site is still in its VERY early stages, but hopefully this post will help google index the site. I’ll then leave it alone for a few weeks whilst I get the content for the site written and compiled. I’m not really sure what to do with the traffic for the site. I may use it to gather leads for my property business or try other methods of money making from it.


This web site is a word press blog using a pretty theme.

I started daveso.com about 5 years ago as an information site about me with pictures and some videos on here. The last update was about 4 years ago.. ha ha. I don’t think i kept it going for more than a year, but i still kept the domain name and the site never changed in years.

i thought it maybe time to put something else up here i’ve been playing with wordpress on some of my other sites and now i’ve decided to start my own blog and where better to have it then at my own domain.