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fun in Thailand and Hong Kong

i’ve been back from my group holiday to Thailand and Hong Kong for a week or so.
i feel like i’m just managing to catch up with everything whilst i’ve been away. it’s definitely very busy now. whilst i was away my solicitor completed on 2 property purchases and another 2 the week i got back. there’s still 2 deals on boil and another 3 in the pipeline. i feel like i need another holiday!

i’ve also had many people contact me via this site and i will be getting back to you very soon..
in the meantime here are a few pics from my holiday.

rooftop barthe rooftop bar Siccorro in the stateside tower building in Bankok. This bar sits on the 64th floor of the hotel.

grand palace bankokthe grand palace in Bankok is really grand.

ladyboysspot the ladyboys, one of thailands other well known attractions.

beach jumping phuketKata beach in Phuket

ocean park halloweenthe famous Halloween party in Ocean Park was really fun.

Vaccination Jabs for Thailand

Thailand looks nice!

in October i’ll be visiting the beautiful land that is Thailand. i’ll be going with 8 other friends of mine and we’ll be going via Hong Kong. it should be a great holiday and i’m really looking forward to this as i’ve never been to Thailand before.

going to Thailand us brits or people born in britain and not native to these climates need vacinations against certain diseases. i don’t want to take my chances out there so i was a good boy and got all my jabs done today. i had to jabs one in each arm they were for the following:
Hepatitis A

apparantly i need to get the Hepatitis A booster after 6 months, then i’ll be protected for 10 years.
malaria is a concern, but the nurse says that its only a real risk if i travel over the borders into Burma or go on mad trecks. if i stick to the citys and use lots of mosquito spray with “DEET” then i’ll be fine.