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Soda Estates gets authority from google

Whilst there is another PR update happening at the moment, most of my sites have not been affected. One site has reached PR4 which is very good considering I have not even promoted it much.

One of my best website marketing achievements at the moment is for the Soda Estates site. When I do a google search for “soda estates” I get the following result:

soda estates site links
soda estates site links

See the links underneath the listing (how we help, latest news, repossession stopped) ?
In the webmaster community a site is considered to have “authority” when it has those links. The site becomes an authoritive site. According to google however there is no such thing as an “authoritive” site. The correct name for these links is “sitelinks” as listed in Googles webmaster tools. Google adds them to a site to help the users browse to different sections of the site and these happen automatically.

They cannot be changed manually and there does not seem to be a way to influence them. This is a shame as I would not automatically choose the same links that are displayed. Whatever they are caused by they seem to be quite an achievement considering the age of the site and the relatively low content that the site has. The site still does not list too well for the keyword terms that I have chosen, but its slowly getting there.