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Do not litter in Nottingham

do not litter

i decided to have an apple on the drive to the gym today to give me a quick energy boost. the gym is only about 5 mins away so i could have actually walked it. anyway after finishing the apple i was at the traffic lights so i decided to chuck the apple core out of the window. no problem i thought as its biodegradable and will decompose anyway.

the guy in the car behind me didin’t agree. he quickly jumped out and ran towards my car and picked up my apple, knocked on my window and gave me my apple back with a lecture about nottingham being his city and i should try and keep it tidy. well that told me, i felt a bit stupid and ashamed a bit like a naughty boy who got told off by his teacher. he also noticed i didn’t have my seat belt on and told me to put it on. what a do gooder! i did really admire him caring for his city, if only more people could be like him.

now i’m not really a litter bug, i normally keep rubbish in my car, but if i’m eating apples then i do sometimes throw away the core as it is good for the soil in the country side. ok i was in the city this time, i’ve learnt my lesson now. i wont ever throw apples out of my car again..

Lookers Honda Nottingham – Bad

Lookers Honda Nottingham

I’m not happy…

during Xmas my baby (honda s2000) was involved in an accident that resulted in this damage. there was only the car and a central reservation barrier involve, luckily nobody else was involved.

Bad Ass Honda S2000

it looks really bad but the speed of the impact was only about 10mph. the chassis was straight and everything bar one of the rear lights and the boot lid was still functional. the car still drove fine. so i was absolutely shocked and mystified when my local nottingham Honda garage Lookers Honda quoted £4137.01 for the repairs!! i suppose it wasn’t such a big deal though as i was only going to have to fork out for the excess on the insurance. I thought it would be better to get the car fixed at Lookers Honda as they would know how to sort it properly. or so i had thought.

it was already an inconvenience for me as they didn’t give me a courtesy car, saying that they only gave these for services. ok i thought i’ll be ok for a week or so as i was due to be on holiday snowboarding around that time in Jan. so i gave them the car to fix hoping that it would be ready soon after i got back.

i got the car back on the 5th Feb 2007 and on the whole it was a good job as you can see from this picture. nottingham Honda had replaced the whole rear bumper. passenger rear quarter panel and boot lid. they even repaired and repainted part of the drivers rear wing where the aerial was slightly loose.

good ass honda s2000

i had to take the car back once as the rear bumper alignment was slightly out and they hadn’t repainted the passenger door which they should have. ok the passenger door was not their fault, the engineer who came out to see the car from the insurance company had mis-communicated the extent of the repairs to Lookers Honda. no courtesy car again…

there was a couple of points about the door that i thought i would keep quiet about as i’m not really one for complaining. honda nottingham had painted the door lock as well as the door. there was also a patch that looked like they had over sanded it and it was too rough. not great for a fresh paint job.

Lookers Honda door handle repair

another major problem was the plastic window. when i got the car back home the 1st time i of course tested everything including the roof. what nobody told me is that you shouldn’t open the roof in sub zero temperatures. as it was about -2 deg c at that time in Feb 2007. the window was frozen and with it being brittle plastic it cracked and snapped when opened. i initially thought it was something nottingham Honda did in the repair but after consulting a few friends who had done the same thing i realised it was my own fault.

Lookers Honda gave me the number of a guy in nottingham who did these repairs. i did ring around myself but only to find that all roads lead to the same repairer. apparently he is the only guy in nottingham to do these kind of repairs. it was actually a good job and was more than happy to have a new window that i could see out of. the old one had gotten all misty and manky from not being cared for.

so all was good for a few weeks until i noticed that the rear arch that had been replaced and repainted looked like it had some sort of bubbling on it. this should not happen on a new wing. it went back and was repainted again and everything seemed hunky dory for another few weeks. until….

bubbling again! i couldn’t believe it. they had returned like a bad case of acne. see in the pictures below.

honda s2000 ache

honda s2000 ache 2

now i haven’t yet reported it again to Lookers Honda as
a) i really don’t want the hassle
b) i don’t have the time.

but i know that the longer i leave it the less chance i will have of getting them to correct the problem. i wonder how long a repair is guarenteed for?

ok, ok i will call them soon, somebody please remind me though.

note to myself: must report the bad repair – contact lookers honda nottignham – contact nottingham Honda