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I’m so behind in blogging.. a sign of the credit crunch?

the credit crunch
the credit crunch

I’ve been really lame and haven’t blogged in ages, not blogging regularily since I got married really.
Is married life really such a drain on me?
or is it the credit crunch, has it affected me that badly?

To be honest its a combination with many things but mainly due to me being really busy with my work. Many tenants are in arrears, and the refurbishment of my house is just taking too long. The house is nearly ready now, just the kitchen and office left to do. The extension was finished some time ago, but we haven’t yet had the completion certificate from the council.
The house has been a great learning experience, I have done many light home refurbishments before, but this one was the most ambitious project I have undertaken to date. I’m lucky to have some good help and a very supportive wife.

In terms of the finance world many things have been going on that I should have blogged about and hopefully i;ll have time in the near future to ramble about them soon.
We have the nationalisation of Bradford and Bingley who own one of my favourite mortgage lenders Mortgage Express. Did they get in trouble by being too aggresive in their Buy to Let lending? too many instant remortgages?
Then we have the merger of the HBOS group with Lloyds TSB, which may spell the end of Birmingham Midshires my other favourite mortgage lender. Could they have been a little too keen to lend too?
Things are not looking good for the property investor at the moment. Property values sliding, Mortgage approvals dropping, house sales declining. Is it all going to be doom and gloom?
One things for sure, things can’t really get much worse can they??

Well hopefully the situation for the UK property market will improve in the next 6-12 months, until then hold on as its going to be a rough ride!!