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Chinese New Year 2009

!!Gung Hei Fat Choi!!
Wishing everybody health, wealth and prosperity in the year of the OX


Another year another celebration. I love chinese new year; getting together with family, stuffing my face with delicious foods and getting red packets from all my older relatives.

From this year forth as I am now married me and Sally have to give red packets to the younger ones of our family. Its tradition and is for good luck and as the old saying goes “its great to give!”.

Google and Baidu the two most popular search engines have again changed their homepage images for the festive days.

Chinese New Year Ox Google image
Chinese New Year Ox Google image


Chinese New Year Ox Baidu Image
Chinese New Year Ox Baidu Image

For those of you who have never heard of Baidu, Baidu is the most used search engine in China. Which is probably why its main page is in madarin. In China surfers tend to mainly use Baidu and Yahoo. Google is not too popular.

Anyway which image do you like better?
The Pastel shades of the Google image or the traditional red and gold Ox head drawing from Baidu?

Hong Kong and Beijing

Nearly the end of another year, but me and Mrs So just managed to squeeze one more holiday in. This time we went to Hong Kong for 2 weeks. Whilst over there we went on a 4 day trip to see the sites in Beijing.

Hong Kong Island (as seen from the ferry)

Hong Kong is a lovely city and is described by the HK tourism board as “the worlds international city”.

Lan Kwai Fong

Messing around in LKF

Birds Nest Stadium Beijing

The Olympic camp in Beijing is truly amazing. I’m hoping London can live up to this in 2012.

flying in the forbidden city

The forbidden city is so humungus, it really is a city of its own.

Happy Chinese New Year 2008

Gung Hei Fat Choi – San Lien Fai Lok !!

Happy new year! Chinese people all over the world will be celebrating the coming of the new year. The festival which traditionally lasts 15 days begins on the first day of the new lunar month.

There are 12 animals in the chinese zodiac, each year is attributed to one animal. 2008 is the year of the Rat. Google China is celebrating with this festive image which replaces their normal Google logo.

year of the rat
year of the rat

Google is China’s second most used search engine falling behind the much more established Baidu. Baidu have also a festive Chinese New Year image.

year of the rat
year of the rat

Which image do you prefer?

I’m off now to hang my red lantern and eat some lotus seeds. Gong Hei Fat choi!!

Brits get rich in China

I wrote about this documentary ages ago about 3 brits that risk it all to go and invest their money in China. Well today I found it on youtube so i thought i would post the 1st part up.

This documentary introduces you to 36 Year old Tony Caldera and his failed Mersyside cushion business. He is taking his operation to China in a true if you can’t beat em, join em. He has borrowed £2 Million to build his factory in a paddy field.

You also get to meet 70 year old Peter Williams who has spent all his savings on an energy saving switch for aircon units. He risks everything to sell the device to the Chinese with hundreds of millions of aircon units.

My Favourite though is Vance Miller aged 42, the kitchen gangster from Rochdale. He has been all over China to get his kitchen parts at rock bottom prices. He is a character, really funny, but also has nerves of steel (watch part 2 and the quarry)

Brits get rich in China – Part 1

Brits get rich in China – Part 2

Brits get rich in China – Part 3

Brits get rich in China – Part 4

Brits get rich in China – Part 5

Brits get rich in China – Part 6

Brits get rich in China – Part 7

my chinese wedding 2008

my chinese wedding

its getting closer to the date of my wedding now. me and sally did originally want to get married this year as early as possible but dues to some family issues we are now planning it for 2008. January is early and would be best, but we do want more chances of getting good weather on our big day.

historially january and febuary are pretty wet in the Uk so not really ideal wedding dates. june and july would be warmer, but i don’t really want to wait till then. so we would be looking at march, april or may when the weather should be fair over here. we will be trying to pick an auspicious date, but will only use the almanac dates as a rough guide.

i hope sally will have fun organising it all, she thinks she will be anyway, but of course i will help. i can’t leave the biggest day of my life in the hands of a woman!

anyway if you want to read about my sally’s ideas about our chinese wedding you can always visit her blog.

she also has a section to help you select your auspicious wedding date if you would like to do things by the book and select an auspicious wedding date

Invest in China – Brits Get Rich in China

did anybody see the channel 4 television program on last night? i think it was called “Brits Get Rich in China” about 3 brits who had risked everything to try and make it big in China.

from digiguide.com

China: The Real Dragon’s Den
China’s booming economy is a Holy Grail for risk-taking entrepreneurs. Every day intrepid Brits land there, seduced by wages of 20p an hour, dirt-cheap products and over a billion potential customers. But the Wild East is no place for the faint-hearted.

Unleashed from 50 years of Communism, Chinese entrepreneurs are taking no prisoners in their own relentless quest for wealth, and only the toughest will survive… Acclaimed directors Alastair Cook and Rob Davis follow the dramatic missions of three British trailblazers as they try to make their fortunes in China: the real dragon’s den.

Tony Caldeira’s once-thriving Merseyside cushion business has been ruined by cheap Chinese imports. In a desperate bid to save his company, he’s borrowed two million pounds and flown out to China in an attempt to build a cushion factory in a paddy field.

Dapper ex-colonel Peter Williams has spent his life savings on an energy-saving device that he thinks he can sell throughout China. If he pulls it off, he’ll make hundreds of millions of pounds. But to many Chinese businessmen, he’s just an English plum ripe for the picking. Will they rip off his device and send him home with his tail between his legs?

And controversial kitchen retailer Vance Miller has built a huge business buying cheap products in China. But along the way, he says he has suffered a deluge of scams at the hands of his equally ruthless Chinese suppliers. On his fake “Olympic Inspection Committee” bus, he’s on a tour of the country determined to crack down on those he says have crossed him.

wages of 20p and hour? no wonder so many sweatshops are built there and so many of my fellow countrymen get taken advantage of.

i really enjoyed the program and it definitely opened my eyes to the money that can be made in China. I always thought that it seemed like taking advantage of the people there paying them super low salaries. But i suppose if its not you then its going to be somebody else and alot of the time the small towns need outside investment to survive.

i guess i need to re-evalutate my approach to investing in China. i have a few contacts over there who are dying for me to help them set up trade links over here. i think the time feels right now. lets work hard!

i wonder what the property market is like over there and if it is safe for foreigners to invest in the land in china.