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my first eviction – update3

This is an update of the eviction of my non paying tenants, the process has well and truly dragged out for ages and ages. About 5 months in total.

In court the judge had ordered that the tenants leave on Jan 23rd and give up possession of the property. The tenants had agreed and I was to meet them there on the 23rd. On the 21st I called the tenants and asked about the 23rd and they told me they would not be leaving. Great!!

I went back to court when I could to ask for the court baliff to kick them out. This cost me £95 and I had to wait for the baliff to arrange a date. When I finally got documentation through for the eviction from the baliff the date they had set was for the 18th Feb at 11am. This was nearly another 4 weeks from when the judge had ordered them out. another 4 weeks of non rent payment Grrrr!!!

Court Baliff and the Police

The court baliff will turn up with the police if you think that it will be a problem getting the tenant out. I didn’t think this was necessary and I don’t like to waste police time.

So now I had an eviction date and knew when the property would definitely be empty. So I advertised the property in the local paper at a higher rent then before as I need to recoup some losses on the £4k in lost rent. I think my bad luck on this property had turned to good luck as I recieved at least 20 calls about the property from possible tenants. It turns out that this is one of the most desirable areas to live in as the schools and town centre are both very close. I scheduled as many people to come over on the 18th as possible to view as I really wanted to let the property ASAP.

On the 18th I went to the property at 11am to see that the tenant had already left and that so people had already turned up to view the house and were chatting to the baliff. I let the baliff in and he had a quick look round to check the tenant had left. When he had checked the house I had to sign some kind of form to show that he had done his job and the tenants had left. I changed the locks on the doors and my cleaner went about cleaning the house. 2 viewings later and the property had been let, a young couple really liked the house and had put down a large deposit for the property.

I was so happy, the nightmare of the bad tenants and non rent payment is now over. I’m pretty sure these new tenants will be a good ones. They actually came from a recommendation as I already rent a house to the girls mum and another house to her older sister and her mum is acting as a guarentor. So I didn’t actually even need to advertise the property, but at least now I know that that property is in a great letting location and in high demand.

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