Buy Dolly Noodles

Dolly Noodles

When it comes to noodles, especially instant ones buy a brand that has been recommended by someone you trust and stay away from anything that costs 5p from Asda or Tescos as you normally get what you pay for. When in doubt, the building block of a good bowl of noodles is Nissin ramen. In nearly all oriental supermarkets, Nissin dominates the shelves. They used to be sold in Sainsburys and Tesco’s, but not any more for some unknown reason.

All flavours are good, my favourite being classic Beef or seafood. I seem to remember they also did or still do a Tom yum flavour. I may have dreamt this though as I often dream about noodles!

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  1. My favorite noodles are the thai peanut flavor noodles they have like 5 packets including peanut oil they never get old especially with sriracha sauce. -will

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