Throw away your Fax machine


Its true faxes are required a lot less in the age of emails and websites, but I have come across several occasions when an email is not good enough.

Sometimes you just need to fax

I’ve used 3 mortgage brokers over the past 5 years and only 1 of them would accept my proof of identification which is usually my passport and a utility bill via email. The other 2 brokers insisted that I fax these to them. I couldn’t understand why they needed a fax until I quizzed one of them. Donna, my then mortgage broker told me that when she printed emails off the sizing gets all messed up. Whereas if I faxed it to her it would come out of the fax machine in the correct size!! So that was it, because she didn’t know how or couldn’t resize images she had to have my ID’s faxed to her. But I didn’t have a fax machine.

Well what do you do when you do not have a fax machine or you are a very active individual and having a fax machine in an office somewhere would mean that you wouldn’t be able to use it most of the time?

Get eFax

You no longer need an actual fax machine to conduct your business. With eFax you can send and recieve faxes directly to and from your email address. Allowing you to conduct your fax needs from anywhere you can access your emails. You even get a local fax machine number so your customers will not even know you don’t have a real fax machine or you are in Thailand on the beach.

60% OFF

This is a VERY useful service and I’ve found a link to get the service at a very good discount. Follow this link and you can get the service for $14.13 per month instead of the usual $36.78 which is a HUGE 60% saving when you pay annually.


If you are unsure if this service will benefit you and want to give it a twirl you can try it for free for 30 days by following this link or the graphic link above.

Eastbourne Mortgage brokers in £40m fraud

rolling the dice with mortgage fraud

BEXHILL-BASED mortgage broker Eastbourne Financial Services Ltd is at the centre of a suspected £40m fraud investigation. Officers from the City of London Police arrested eight people in connection with the probe into fraud affecting mortgages taken out on more than 500 properties in the South of England between 2005-2007.

The seven men and one woman arrested are between 29 and 59-years-old and were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud and money laundering.

The Company is currently in liquidation and no longer authorised by the FSA. The City of London Police action followed a referral from the FSA, which has been closely involved in the investigation. The compnay specialised in subprime, buy to let and non conforming mortgages.

Base Rate Alert! 0.5pc cut!

bank of england interest rates

The Bank of England yesterday agreed to make everyone on a tracker mortgage richer by reducing the base rates again. This time the base rate was reduced by 0.5% bringing it to an all time low of 0.5%.

This rate cut will benefit everyone on a tracker or discount mortgage which tracks the bank of england base rate. Research show that only about one quarter of all mortgage holders will benefit from the rate cut. I guess I fall into that category. I secured a deal which is 0.95% below the base rate, which should mean that the bank will be paying me interest on my loan. Well I wont hold my breath on that!

Most investors who bought in the last two years will have bought using tracker mortgages or fixed rate mortgages that will be coming of the fixed rate now, or very soon. This is good news too as the mortgages will switch to the lenders SVR (standard variable rate) which is usually base rate plus 2% which will now be a stupidly low 2.5%. So as capital values tumble at least investors will have much improved cashflow.

$212m Mega Millions Jackpot winner

mega millions lottery

Lottery spokesman Dominick DeMarco said the one winning ticket in Tuesday’s multi-state US Mega Millions $212-million drawing was sold in Ocean County, N.J.

The winner will earn about $8.1 million a year, before taxes, for the next 26 years as an annuity. I always thought you had more chance of getting run over by a car as you did of winning a lottery. Well the lucky winner of 212m USD doesn’t think so.

Lottery sales increased dramatically as people poured their money to take a chance on this Mega Millions drawing, which offered a jackpot of $ 212 million, the 10 largest in the history of the game.

The game offered in Massachusetts, California, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, Virginia and Washington. Drawings are held on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The biggest jackpot of $ 390 million in March 2007, which was divided into players from Georgia and New Jersey. A woman from Massachusetts won the fourth-largest jackpot, $ 294 million in 2004.

Fred Goodwin should lose RBS pension

welcome to hong kong RBS

The Royal Bank of Scotland lost a record £24 Billion last year, I’m sure most people should have heard that by now. This is the biggest loss in UK corporate history.

The man behind it all Fred Goodwin is still to recieve his £650k per year pension as a well done pat on the back. This is simply disgraceful, if any employee of a company caused losses of hundreds or even thousands they would be severly repremanded. Possibly even losing their job. But if you are a senior director of a bank you get a pat on the back!

Senior directors of big British companies are almost never sacked, no matter how badly they perform. Some may think that such custom-and-practice is obscenely favourable to incompetent chief executives, but that’s just how it is.

here’s a joke I heard on the radio:

Whats the difference between a bank and a computer?

**when the bank crashes you can’t fix it with ctrl-alt-delete**

Some say mr. goodwin should lose his pension or at least have it severly reduced due to the performance of the bank. Where is the incentive to do well if with £24billion lossess you still get such a huge pension?

Bank of England rates slashed to 1percent

1pc base rate bank of england

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee voted today to reduce the official Bank Rate to 1 percent. Thats the fifth rate cut in a row as the UK recession takes its toll. The rate cut is good news for borrowers and struggling businesses with existing loans. Savers are hit again though as the interest recieved on money in the bank goes down yet again.

I welcome the rate cuts as the interest I pay mortgages of mine seem to be getting lower and lower in the last few months. One of my mortgages with BMS is at 0.95% below base. Thats at an amazing 0.05% of interest. I think my monthly payments will probably be in the region of £50 a month, thats almost too good to be true! I’m also curious as to what will happen if the base rate drops again to lets say 0% then the interest on my mortgage would in theory be – 0.95% Would BMS then actually pay me every month instead?? That would be very nice!