Make Money When You Buy Stuff

Make Money When You Buy - QuidcoI use Quidco whenever I buy any building / DIY bits from screwfix or B & Q. When I buy  furniture from Homebase, Argos, Tesco direct etc. When new tenants move in to one of our properties, we set the utilities up for them and get a little bit of cashback too.
The mrs uses Quidco for her online shopping and we get a bit more cashback.

In the last 2 years we’ve made a little over £6k in cashback, you could do this too.
Try it – Quidco its free to join 

2 thoughts on “Make Money When You Buy Stuff

    1. Of course it is Donna, but like the McDonalds staff who ask you “would you like fries with that?” I always ask, “Shall I arrange your utilities for you?”.
      So they always have the option to refuse and do it themselves. I find most people are too lazy to arrange it themselves.

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