Freedom 2 Surf Suck

My ISP Freedom 2 Surf had a major outage last week and I was without internet access for almost 3 days. Their sales guys confirmed that over 3000 users had been affected and had no internet. I only found this out after calling the sales department as I had been on hold to the technical team for over 2 hours on an 0870 rip off number!!

Crap Website, Crap Service

I thought 3000 users is a pretty major outage but its not even reported on their service status website. Talk about misleading customers. Technical support called me about 1 day after my broadband came back on, this is the conversation i had:

f2s: “hi this is Micheal from Freedom to Surf, I’m just calling to check that your broadband is working now”

dave so: “yes it is thanks, what was the problem?”

f2s: “we don’t know”

dave so: “my internet was down for 3 days and you don’t know why?”

f2s: “sorry we don’t know, I’m just calling to check its working now””

dave so: “ok thanks for your information”

I could not believe my ears, they didn’t even no what the problem was??? I think I’ll be changing ISP’s very soon. There is no way I’m staying with a company that has downtime of 3 days and does not know why.

Goodbye Freedom to surf!!
Does anybody have any suggestions of a better ISP? I’ve heard Entanet are very good.

What do people do without the internet? being without the net for 3 days was really difficult and I really struggled to be honest. I think i’m just to used to being sat infront of my screen like a total geek for hours and hours.

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  1. I’m currently with the ISP Be . They seem so far so good. Plus points : £18 a month, 3 month contract (if speeds are naff for you go elsewhere) , 24 MB speeds if you & your exchange are up to it, static ip, unlimited downloads, text alerts on progress of connection etc. I needed to get set up asap after travelling and was swamped by all the different offers out there, so thought: I’ll give this a go for 3 months, if it works I stay, if not I’ve got Internet to look for a another with the usual 12 month subscription. Well I like the service so far, so I’m stopping.

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