Barred from Facebook!!

Being bored and in a funny mood i thought that i would try and see if anyone else on facebook had the same name as me (just in case you missed it my name is Dave So) the search turned up 30, yes 30 other Dave/David So’s mostly they were in the States and i think i’m the only one in the UK.
Anyway i thought it would be fun to create a group called “my name is Dave So or David So” and invite the other Dave’s to join. only to my horror once the group is created you can only invite your friends to join.
thats not going to stop me i thought. i’ll just message each dave so and send him a link to my group. so off i went to message them all. after about 6-7 messages sent, a red message came up telling me that it looks like i’m trying to spam and i should stop or my account will be frozen.
i thought they’d be able to tell that i wasn’t a spammer, but no, i got banned :(

so in the end i wrote them a quick email to ask them to reinstate me. this is it:


My account with login has been disabled as it was assumed I was trying to spam.
I had just searched for myself and found about 30 people called “dave So” I thought it may be fun to create a group called “my name is dave so or david so” group.
I couldn’t invite the other dave so’s as they were not in my list so I had to message them.
I appologise if my activities appeared as SPAM but I assure you they were not.

Please can you reinstate my account.

Kind Regards
David So

lets hope they do reinstate me i was just starting to like facebook and learn about all its useful features. admittedly i do think that social networks are the way forward even for some businesses. i wonder if any businesses actually use facebook as a business tool? how would they use it?

i suppose they could use it to attract new clients by offering their services online on facebook. or they could use it as an online collaboration portal.

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