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Buy Dolly Noodles

Dolly Noodles

When it comes to noodles, especially instant ones buy a brand that has been recommended by someone you trust and stay away from anything that costs 5p from Asda or Tescos as you normally get what you pay for. When in doubt, the building block of a good bowl of noodles is Nissin ramen. In nearly all oriental supermarkets, Nissin dominates the shelves. They used to be sold in Sainsburys and Tesco’s, but not any more for some unknown reason.

All flavours are good, my favourite being classic Beef or seafood. I seem to remember they also did or still do a Tom yum flavour. I may have dreamt this though as I often dream about noodles!

5 Reasons why New years Resolutions fail

Do you make new years resoulutions?

Do you find that making new years resolutions like quit smoking, lose weight, work harder, go to the gym etc. are bound to fail? Research shows that 9 out of 10 new years resoulutions fail within days of making them. I have compiled a list of 5 reasons this may happen:

1. You are trying to “not” do something.

Because you are not trying for something positive, it can be harder to acheive. Make your resolution about something you want and think about how to achieve it. If you want to work harder, think about why. It maybe as you’ve always want to buy that dream car. Think how you will achieve this, pull in extra shifts, blog more etc.

2. You haven’t written it down.

You should always write down resolutions or goals that you make. Spends some time to make it look good. Hang it on the wall, make yourself proud of YOUR resolution. Also if the resolution is written down and in plain sight, you aint gonna forget it soon!

3. You’re trying to fly before you can walk

People always try to achieve mountainous tasks without any planning, they almost always fail. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to swim don’t just turn up at the pool in your shorts and go for it. Find out about taking lessons, go with a friend who can swim, so they can comment on your current ability. You should always break up tasks into smaller steps.

4. You’ve only promised yourself

If only you know about your resolution, if you fail, then you’re only letting yourself down. Make sure everybody knows. Tell all your friends and family. Make it well known what you are trying to do. This goes back to 2. if you write it down and display it somewhere then more people will known. You wouldn’t want to let the world down now would you?

5. Don’t give up

Too many people give up when then come to even a minor problem. You must be strong. Keep positive about your resolution. It helps to think about the likely problems and how you’ll deal with them. If they do occur it’ll be easier to overcome them.

Property Chains are annoying

Property Chains and Estate Agents are annoying

For the first time for as long as i can remember i am stuck in a property chain. its not an overly long chain, but what would have been a 4-5 week sale has now taken a 6 weeks already with no clear completion date yet. I’m thinking at the rate things are moving at it will probably take 9-10 weeks in total.

i can totally sympathise with some of the motivated sellers that i deal with when they have been in a chain and it falls through. All the stress related to waiting for things to happen and not hearing much from the estate agents or solicitors, then you get a call and they tell you that its all fallen through. joe bloggs at the bottom of the chain has been refused a mortgage or he has decide to buy another property.

my current situation is actually that of my parents, but as i’m managing the sales process for them it all comes down to me. my parents are selling their house and buying another proeprty in Nottingham. they found their ideal property about 6 weeks ago, but had no buyer for there own property yet. rather that risk losing their new found home or have me incur expensive bridging finance fees they decide to drop the price of their home by 10k. 3 days later they had an offer on their property and everything was underway or so i was led to believe from the agents. 10 days later… yes 10 days later they confirm the sale and they inform us that solicitors have been instructed.

10 days to confirm a sale and to inform solicitors is just not good enough for the 1.75% rip off fees they charge. This will amount to £1750 + vat for my parents as they offered them a capped fee. this is still extortionate for the ammount of work and the turnaround time. this together with the kick back from their “recommended” solicitors. yes thats right, most estate agents also recommend a very good local firm of solicitors that will do the conveyancing. “very good” usually translates to “they will pay us the best fee”. these solicitors firms usually do high volume conveyancing and are quite rubbish as they pay peanuts to legal executive to do most of the bulk of the work.

with this fantastic team of overpaid estate agent and under paid / underperforming solicitor at each link of the chain its no wonder these things take ages and sometimes fall apart.

my parents are selling their house to an elderly couple who are selling to a company. they have also sold through agents and will then be constrained by the same usual time delays. fortunately for both of us the bottom of the chain is a company who should know what they are doing. the chain is short but still is taking longgggg…..

its no wonder that people are always seeking alternative ways to sell a house and that a million cash for houses companies have sprung up in the last few years.

my chinese wedding 2008

my chinese wedding

its getting closer to the date of my wedding now. me and sally did originally want to get married this year as early as possible but dues to some family issues we are now planning it for 2008. January is early and would be best, but we do want more chances of getting good weather on our big day.

historially january and febuary are pretty wet in the Uk so not really ideal wedding dates. june and july would be warmer, but i don’t really want to wait till then. so we would be looking at march, april or may when the weather should be fair over here. we will be trying to pick an auspicious date, but will only use the almanac dates as a rough guide.

i hope sally will have fun organising it all, she thinks she will be anyway, but of course i will help. i can’t leave the biggest day of my life in the hands of a woman!

anyway if you want to read about my sally’s ideas about our chinese wedding you can always visit her blog.

she also has a section to help you select your auspicious wedding date if you would like to do things by the book and select an auspicious wedding date