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do you colaborate?

Online collaboration

As a business owner you almost definitely need an online colaboration system. Why I hear you ask? here are a few examples that I have needed and used them for in the past.

Managing shared calendars
Let say you manage a small team of people. Having their calendars online and shared will make it easy to see who is on holiday and who isn’t. Booking work for them will be a breeze too.

Private discussion groups
You can talk with your team on private discussion about the next deal or an ongoing project in the prvacy of your own discussion board / forum. No waiting for group emails to be recieved as the responses posted will be instant.

Keeping shared documents updated
Online collaboration really comes into its element here. For example if you have a conference planning spreadsheet which two or more people need to see and you are emailing it backwards and forwards it can usually be a real pain to keep it updated or to make sure everyone gets the latest updated version.

If more than one person updates the spreadsheet and emails it out that will have created at different versions. It will then be hard to get back to one version without some major headache!

With online colaboration, this spreadsheet would be stored online and users would always edit and view the latest version.

Access from anywhere
You can forget bringing the laptop out all the time. All you need is a webbrowser and you can then access your documents online anywhere. You don’t even need to have spreadsheet or word processing software installed.

There are many benefits of online collaboration and Central Desktop allow you to try it for free.

Throw away your Fax machine


Its true faxes are required a lot less in the age of emails and websites, but I have come across several occasions when an email is not good enough.

Sometimes you just need to fax

I’ve used 3 mortgage brokers over the past 5 years and only 1 of them would accept my proof of identification which is usually my passport and a utility bill via email. The other 2 brokers insisted that I fax these to them. I couldn’t understand why they needed a fax until I quizzed one of them. Donna, my then mortgage broker told me that when she printed emails off the sizing gets all messed up. Whereas if I faxed it to her it would come out of the fax machine in the correct size!! So that was it, because she didn’t know how or couldn’t resize images she had to have my ID’s faxed to her. But I didn’t have a fax machine.

Well what do you do when you do not have a fax machine or you are a very active individual and having a fax machine in an office somewhere would mean that you wouldn’t be able to use it most of the time?

Get eFax

You no longer need an actual fax machine to conduct your business. With eFax you can send and recieve faxes directly to and from your email address. Allowing you to conduct your fax needs from anywhere you can access your emails. You even get a local fax machine number so your customers will not even know you don’t have a real fax machine or you are in Thailand on the beach.

60% OFF

This is a VERY useful service and I’ve found a link to get the service at a very good discount. Follow this link and you can get the service for $14.13 per month instead of the usual $36.78 which is a HUGE 60% saving when you pay annually.


If you are unsure if this service will benefit you and want to give it a twirl you can try it for free for 30 days by following this link or the graphic link above.