About me

Hi my name is Dave So.
red indians

I am a computer geek and like search engine optimisation and consider myself an expert at applying different strategies to website marketing in order to ‘influence’ search engines results.

I am passionate about all things related to property investment and have a keen eye for a good deal. I also love all forms of passive income from interest earnt from money in the bank to low start up cost internet ventures.

This blog is about my life, my investments and my quest for passive income.

Here’s the bit about myself:

Born in London in the late seventees, i’m the brother of 2 sisters, one older and one younger than me. My mother and father are both Cantonese Chinese from Guanghou, although they only met in the UK.

We moved up to worksop which is between nottingham and sheffield when i was about 11 as my parents bought a business there. Worksop is a very small town and we were surprised just how different people there were. When we moved there they didn’t even have macdonalds?? We had one of the only chinese takeaways in the town and yes it was difficult being the only chinese kids at school. I think they had seen chinese people before but only in kung fu movies, all the kids thought I was a kung fu expert which had some advantages.

I worked in my parents takeaway business for about 10 years, it was nice to work with family. As I was the one on the shop counter I used to enjoy talking to the customers and finding out about their lives. We did sometimes get some nasty drunk people who were not very nice, but as soon as I warned them to behave as I will be preparing their dinners they seemed to behave. There were the odd occassion though when the drunks just didn’t listen and.. (edited as its not very nice what happened to their food)

When i was old enough to go to Uni i went to Nottingham Trent to study IT. I think the course was the most boring thing that i ever did as it was back in the days of unix, mainframes and morse code. In hindsight i should have studied drama or travel tourism as it always seemed like those students had more fun. As part of the uni course i did a years work placement, part in Hong Kong and part in London at Schlumbergers MIS office.

Work wise i’ve only ever had 2 jobs after uni the first was for an online bookstore based in an old train station in derbyshire. The second was for a large law firm in leeds as a web / business analyst. working for the small company and the big corporate firm are both really different experiences. In the small company you get a lot more freedom, but you have to bring your own teabags and milk. in the large corporate you get most things provided, but then they are more strict with work and work ethics. you should try both if you get the chance.

life at the moment is good, i’m married to my lovely wife Sally and we have a baby boy Tyler who has turned our world upside down.